District 1: Ruggles Township in Ashland County; Clarksfield, New London and Wakeman townships in Huron County; and Brighton and Rochester townships and Rochester Village in Lorain County

District 2: Florence Township in Erie County; Camden, Henrietta, New Russia and Pittsfield townships in Lorain County

District 3: Carlisle, Columbia and Eaton townships in Lorain County

District 4: Huntington, Penfield and Wellington townships in Lorain County

District 5: LaGrange Township in Lorain County

District 6: Grafton Township in Lorain County; Litchfield, Liverpool and York townships in Medina County

District 7: Clear Creek, Jackson, Orange, Sullivan and Troy townships in Ashland County

District 8: Homer and Spencer townships and Spencer Village in Medina County; Canaan and Congress townships in Wayne County

District 9: Chatham, Harrisville, Lafayette and Westfield townships in Medina County

district map