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Safety is ‘key’ at LaGrange Safety Town

LaGrange Safety Town was launched in 2000 with the support of LaGrange Village Police Department. Since then, the program has doubled in size, with this year’s graduating class composed of 45 kindergartners from Keystone Local Schools. The continued support from Lorain-Medina Rural Electric Cooperative’s People Fund has been integral to the success of the now well-established program, which includes annual electrical safety demonstrations by LMRE staff. 
With grants from the LMRE People Fund, the program has been able to assemble a small-scale replica of a city. Children are able to navigate through the tiny city for a hands-on test of their knowledge of safety.
This safety-awareness program is held each summer for children entering kindergarten in the fall within the Keystone school district. Each day the program explores a different safety topic. The program is designed to educate children in a way that will ensure they grow into safe, healthy adults. Safety Town teaches children about traffic, bike, pedestrian, bus, fire and seatbelt safety, as well as how to use 911 and how to deal with “stranger dangers.” 
“Kids take away the safety rules in general when attending the program,” said LaGrange Patrolman Mark Turner. “Demonstrations help them learn and have fun at the same time.”
Stories, games and videos reinforce the safety skills the kids are learning. And the hands-on approach helps children absorb important information while having fun. 
The LaGrange Police Department, LaGrange Volunteer Fire Department, teen volunteers and other community partners help teach throughout the week.

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