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People Fund aids Lorain County Sheriff Regional Bomb Squad

The Lorain County Sheriff Regional Bomb Squad now has advanced X-ray technology at its disposal thanks to a Lorain-Medina Rural Electric People Fund grant. 
    The $3,608 grant allows the sheriff department’s bomb squad technician to safely target individual components within a device with accuracy, especially if they contain radiological, nuclear, biological or chemical elements. “This benefits the squad in situations of rendering an improvised explosive device (IED) in a safer matter,” said Detective Sergeant and Bomb Squad Commander Randal Koubeck. “The more information we have of terrorist groups in the United States, this technology helps us properly train and prepare for situations.”
    The unit serves Lorain and Huron counties with mutual aid with the Ashland County Bomb Squad for assistance. 
    “The cooperative has been wonderful to us by helping us get equipment for the squad,” Koubeck said. “We always enjoy working with the co-op and attending the annual meeting with educational information for the public.”  
The sheriff’s office plans to return July 21 for the 79th annual meeting at the Lorain County Fairgrounds in Wellington.         
    Former Sheriff Martin Mahony recognized the need for a bomb disposal unit for the safety of the citizens of Lorain County. The LMRE People Fund has helped equip the squad with funds from previous grants to purchase helmets and identification kits. 
    “Every bit helps,” said Koubeck, adding that the squad is very thankful for the funding, and since the bomb squad’s inception in 1997, the unit has responded to dozens of incidents and is ready to handle the next situation. 


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